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Results of General Assembly 2020

The club’s 2020 General Assembly was held from 11h45 to 12h20 on Tuesday 18 February 2020, at the ITU gym (ITU Varembé building).

The following were present: Hon Fai Ng, Edmund Tam, Bruno Marin,  Adrian Soriano and Eduard Friesen

In accordance with its agenda, the meeting dealt with the following items:

Election of committee for 2020

It was agreed to retain the same composition as in 2019:

Shifu – Maxime Rittener
President – Hon Fai Ng (
Treasurer – Edmund Tam
Secretary – Timothy Eldridge (

Assistant trainer: Bruno Marin

Approval of balance sheet

The balance sheet was approved.

Internal activities for 2020

Great satisfaction was expressed regarding the present training format. Suggestion was made to include a light sparring segment led by Bruno during each class.

Interest was expressed in arranging more sessions; the possibilities would be looked into including having regular informal sessions on Mondays and Thursdays 17h to 18h.

It was agreed to request the ITU Staff Council for a subsidy in order to purchase training equipment and protective gear for the club. It was also agreed that there will be no change to the current fee structure except to introduce a CHF20.- fee per entry for those who do no wish to purchase a full subscription.

Articles 3 and 5 of the club’s charter was updated to open the club to ITU staff and those of other international organizations, missions, retirees, spouses and, their children and friends.

TCKFA Charter 2020

Other business



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