Welcome to the Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Association

We are a non-profit kung fu club in Geneva, Switzerland and we train every Tuesday from 12h15 – 13h45.

Open to adults (any level).

Address & Contact

Venue: ITU Gym Room, Rue de Varembé 2, 1202 Geneva

Schedule: Tuesday 12h15 – 13h45


Latest News

  • Baji Xing Pi: Kung Fu Form (continuation)
    In today’s session, we continued the sequence of Baji Xing Pi Kung Fu form. We added 3 new moves to what we learned previously in Part 1. Part 2 of the form starts at the 13-second mark in the video above. The sequence of Part 2 is as follows: Left foot steps through into aContinue reading “Baji Xing Pi: Kung Fu Form (continuation)”
  • General Assembly 2022
    Our club will have its General Assembly on 1 July 2022 (Friday) at 11h online. Draft Agenda Welcome Approval of agenda Election of the committee for 2022– President– Treasurer– Secretary– Sifu – Mme. ZHAO Yu– Assistant trainer – Bruno Marin Update of TCKFA’s Charter (Draft Charter ) Approval of balance sheet (Finances 2022) Internal activitiesContinue reading “General Assembly 2022”
  • Baji Xing Pi: Kung Fu Form
    In today’s session, our club started practising a new kung fu sequence or form: Baji Xing Pi. Each movement of the form represents either a block or strike. The sequence is as follows: Double elbow strikes Deflection or defence against a double-handed grab Double palm strikes Forward back fist strike Reverse vertical palm strike ForwardContinue reading “Baji Xing Pi: Kung Fu Form”
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